Casmara - Vitalizing Algae Peel Off Mask (1 Unit)
Casmara - Vitalizing Algae Peel Off Mask (1 Unit)
Casmara - Vitalizing Algae Peel Off Mask (1 Unit)
Casmara - Vitalizing Algae Peel Off Mask (1 Unit)

Casmara - Vitalizing Algae Peel Off Mask (1 Unit)

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Intensely brightens and nourishes the face.

Energizing & Anti-Aging

Real “energy bomb”, rich in bioavailable vitamin C, that provides lovely radiance and nourishment to the skin. Extraordinary multi-action mask for increased skin energy levels.

Who is this for?

All skin types. Formulated for all skin types, especially for skin with visible signs of stress and fatigue, as well as accentuated signs of aging.


  • Brightening - Provides a lovely natural glow to the skin, thanks to its high dose of energy.
  • Energizing - Provides energy at cell level, helping the cells to function like in young skin. Its action creates an overall improvement in the skin.
  • Photo-Protecting and Anti-Aging - Neutralizes free radicals, preventing their negative action and protecting the skin against photoaging.
  • Nourishing - Rich in highly nourishing oils, its formula deeply nourishes the skin, delaying aging and softening the visible signs of age.


* Vitamin C and dill.


Energized and youthful complexion, full of vitality.

Step 1 (Ampoule): Apply a generous amount of the ampoule’s content onto a cleansed face.

Step 2 (Mask): Empty the contents of the sachet 1 powder followed by the contents of sachet 2 gel in to the lid of the packaging which serves as a bowl. Apply the product to the face, use gentle sliding movements with the spatula without applying pressure.

Extend the product in an ordered fashion starting with the forehead (including the eyebrows), the cheeks followed by the sides of the face and nose from one side to another, preferably in a single movement. In the same way cover the lips.

Gently close one eye and cover with soft movement of the spatula from the centre of the face outwards. Repeat the same manoeuvre with the other eye.

STEP 3: Relax. Leave the mask on for 15 minutes. After this time, lift the edges of the mask and remove it in one piece from top to bottom. Do not rinse with water.

IMPORTANT NOTE: the mask must be applied in under 5 minutes, as the mixture will solidify after five minutes.