NishMan Hair Building Keratin Fiber Kit and Fiber Locking Mist 100ml + 21g Black

NishMan Hair Building Keratin Fiber Kit and Fiber Locking Mist 100ml + 21g Black

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Quickly fills in Thin Spots: Consistently grow thicker, fuller-looking hair. Hair Building/Thickening by NishMan India Your existing hair is closely adhered to the keratin fibre. They give your hair a thicker, fuller, and denser appearance
Hair forming fibre, a camouflaging material consisting of keratin protein, is known as keratin coverage. NishMan fibre adhere to your hair with static electrical charges, providing it with natural coverage and making it appear thicker and fuller.
Long Lasting Remain: Keratin Fibre produces a completely natural look. The Fibre provides long-lasting results by resisting moisture, wind, and rain. Our hair powder is suitable for both men and women and is sweat-resistant, so you can maintain naturally thick hair even on the busiest of days.

The carefully formulated formula of Nishman Hair Styling Cream can be used to enhance long buns, slicked back hair, short quiffs, side swept styles, and other elegant to edgy hairstyles. Curly long hair that has been groomed in a long taper fade

NISHMAN Hair Building Keratin Fibers with Locking mist 2 in 1 beauty kit – 21g / 0.74 oz

Cteative men Design. Helps your hair to gain natural and full apperance by instantly providing volume to thinning hair fibers.

How To Use 

pour the product to the area where you want to establish fullness in your hair. fix it with right amount and then hold it with the locking mist.


Hydrolyzed maize protein, cellulose, and cellulose gum. Ammonium bicarbonate, Dodecylbenzene Sulfonic Acid


They make your hair look thicker, voluminous & denser