Olivia Garden - Brush Cleaner -BC-1
Olivia Garden - Brush Cleaner -BC-1
Olivia Garden - Brush Cleaner -BC-1

Olivia Garden - Brush Cleaner -BC-1

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The Brush Cleaner 

Extend the Life of your Brush

Fast & easy
2-tools-in-1 for perfect results
Cleans all brush sizes & model

* Use large side to rake through brush bristles removing hair & build-up

* Use small side to clean thoroughly in specific areas
Repeat until brush is clean

If you are looking for a brush cleaner that can help in cleaning all your hairbrushes, then Olivia Garden Brush cleaner.

Most of the hair brushes are hair clumped and full of broken that can further affect your hair. If you are looking for hair accessories online Â that can give you enough grip and no more dull hair moments, then Olivia Garden Brush cleaner is the best as a hairbrush. It works on all styles of brushes and cleans easily.

Benefits of the Brush Cleaner

  • Helps in keeping your hairbrushes clean and make it look new
  • Works quickly and cleans your brush of all hair
  • Works on all styles of brushes

How To Use

  • You can use this brush cleaner to clean every corner of your brush
  • Just run over your comb by rubbing every area of the brush