Skeyndor Natural Defence - Finish Rides Cream-50ml

Skeyndor Natural Defence - Finish Rides Cream-50ml

Skeyndor Country of Origin: Spain
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Multiple action night cream. Increases cellular energy. Restores damaged barrier

Multiple action night cream: activates cellular breathing which promotes skin’s tissue renewal. Increases the available energy (ATP). Restores the damaged barrier, while moisturising and healing. Preserves the corneal layer from UV aggressions. With continual use wrinkles in the epidermis fill up from deep within the skin.


* Revitalin BT 

* Panthenol 

* Dipalmitoyl hydroxyproline

* Retinol Palmitate & Tocopherol 


* Cleanse the face and pat dry 

* Apply all over the face


* Moisturises & heals the skin 

* Increases skin's tissue renewal 

* Restores damaged barrier