Bioactive HS3 Argan Serum 100ml

Bioactive HS3 Argan Serum 100ml

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 Description :-

       A smoothing and beautifying hair serum with argan oil enriched with linseed oil, which delivers unique active ingredients to the inside of the hair. It is perfect for all kinds of hair, natural or chemically treated. The serum moisturizes and smoothes the hair, ensuring it restructures the hair, making it an irreplaceable beauty treatment. An additional advantage is the possibility of using the preparation during a night care treatment on the skin of the neck.

Key Ingredients:-

    * Argan Oil

    * Linseed Oil

* Benefits/Features :-   

  • 0% SLES / SLS
  • 0% Sulphates
  • 0% Sodium Chloride
  • 0% Parabens