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Casmara - Antioxidant Hydro Balancing Cream 50ml

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Balancing moisturizing cream with high antioxidant power thanks to its composition based on superfoods.

Unique formula of high nutritional value that provides intense antioxidant action and double moisturizing action. Each drop contains thousands of antioxidant molecules capable of preventing cell oxidation and providing global hydration; since it increases inter and intracellular hydration. In addition to improving the skin barrier, which prevents dehydration and increases the skin’s hydration level.

Who is this for?

Normal to combination skin. Unisex formula, suitable for young skin ideal for preventing the appearence of signs of aging on your skin.


Face cream with Goji berries extract, the fruit of longevity. It balances the natural condition of the skin and protects it from external agents delaying and preventing ageing.


Intensive and long-lasting moisturization. Balance and protection for your skin.

Active ingredients

GOJI BERRY EXTRACT: superfruit rich in antioxidants with preventive action against premature aging.

BETAINE BEET: moisturizing active ingredient. Maintain the hydration capacity of the skin and preserves the correct level of hydration inside the cell.

AVOCADO OIL: Repairing and preventive active ingredient that acts on the different layers of the skin, providing balanced nutrition. Smoothes already visible signs of aging and protects the skin to prevent future appearance.

How To Apply

Apply to your cleansed face and neck, and massage until fully absorbed.