Casmara - Detox Cleanser 150ml

Casmara - Detox Cleanser 150ml

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Purifying facial cleansing gel with a fluid texture that cleanses and regulates skin sebum.

This balancing cleansing gel is formulated with dermopurifying and sebum-regulating active ingredients. Its daily action eliminates and helps normalize excess sebum secretion while removing impurities and performing a gentle exfoliation to intensely purify the skin, refining pores and improving the skin texture.

Who is this for?

Combination and/or oily skin. Formulated for daily cleansing and sebum regulation in combination and/or oily skin.


Regulates excess skin oil.

Prevents pimples and blackheads.


The result: intensely clean, shine-free and fresh skin. Perfect.

Active ingredients

LIPACIDE C8G®: Active ingredient featuring caprylic acid to regulate the skin’s ecosystem. This active ingredient eliminates excess shine and regulates sebum secretion for balanced skin..

SALICYLIC ACID: Beta-hydroxy acid (BHA) that refines pores and prevents blackheads. This exfoliating and purifying active ingredient removes accumulated dead cells and sebum, intensely purifying the skin.

PORTULACA EXTRACT: Botanical active ingredient with soothing properties that inhibits redness for healthy looking skin.

How To Use

Apply morning and evening to damp skin (avoid the eye area). Massage over face with circular movements and leave on for a couple of minutes before rinsing with water.