Casmara - Hyal Pro Ampoules 5x20 - Reflexions Salon
Casmara - Hyal Pro Ampoules 5x20 - Reflexions Salon

Casmara - Hyal Pro Facial Ampoule Flash Effect 5*2.5ml

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kle filler and long-lasting moisturizer.

All skin types.

Ampoule flash “oil free”.

Powerful formulation with Hyaluronic Acid that, thanks to its low molecular weight, manages to penetrate deeply and plump wrinkles from the inside; at the same time that works as a powerful, long-lasting facial moisturizer, getting smooth, supple and younger-looking skin.

Available in 5 units blister.

Active ingredients

HYAL FILLERONIC: hyaluronic acid complex of low and very low molecular weight that acts at two levels of the dermis, helping to slow the skin aging process and improving its viscoelastic properties. It retains water in the intercellular matrix of the connective tissue; helping to keep your skin firm and hydrated; at the same time, its very low molecular weight with a high penetration capacity, is ideal to ensure an anti-wrinkle efficiency, plumping wrinkles up from the inside and reducing their appearance.

RED BEET BETAINE: helps the skin to retain moisture, keeping the water balance of the cells, which allows the skin to rehydrate quickly and naturally.