Geske Body Brush  | 4 in 1 Gray
Geske Body Brush  | 4 in 1 Gray
Geske Body Brush  | 4 in 1 Gray
Geske Body Brush  | 4 in 1 Gray
Geske Body Brush  | 4 in 1 Gray
Geske Body Brush  | 4 in 1 Gray

Geske Body Brush | 4 in 1 Gray

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Forget about loofahs and old-fashioned scrubbers: your bath ritual deserves a stylish upgrade to our must-have Body Brush | 4 in 1. Not only does it save time by accelerating the cleansing process but it also softens and smoothens your skin thanks to the sensational silicone tips that are perfectly adjusted to your bodily contours.


Enjoy the most thorough cleanse that you have ever experienced, as the Body Brush | 4 in 1 is designed to easily reach every area of your body. The convenient handle means that you don't have to worry about it slipping through your fingers either. Shower time is transformed into magical, spa time as the bristles of the brush smoothen and soften your body with a rejuvenating massage.
Make bath time incredibly special with the sleek and efficient Body Brush | 4 in 1 from GESKE, the ELLE No.1 Beauty Innovation, and revel in the satiny smoothness of your magnificent skin.


The Body Brush | 4 in 1 does a marvelous job of cleansing and toning your body to perfection, thanks to the following impressive features:

  • Ultra Hygienic Deep Cleansing for effective and thorough cleansing of the entire body
  • Super Soft & Flexible Silicone Tips that gently massage your body as you cleanse
  • Ergonomic Targeted Design for easy access to all areas of your body
  • Smoothing Skin Massage for a toned and rejuvenated appearance all over

Skin Goals

Designed to cater to every single inch of your beautiful body, the Body Brush | 4 in 1 addresses the following skin focus areas:

  • Hygiene
  • Massage
  • Impurities
  • Oily Skin