Ikonic - Xtreme Crimp Stone

Ikonic - Xtreme Crimp Stone

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Introducing Xtreme Crimp, the ultimate addition to your styling arsenal. Its extra-long ceramic wide plates deliver texture and volume, significantly cutting down your styling time. The wedged ceramic plates ensure even heating, preventing overheating for healthier hair and frizz-free look. With a digital display and a temperature range from 140°C to 230°C, achieving your desired look is effortlessly convenient. Plus, its hand lock function and ergonomic design make it travel-friendly and easy to hold, ensuring comfortable use wherever you go. Get ready in a jiffy with Xtreme Crimp!


1. Extra Long and Wide Ceramic Crimping Plates
Experience maximum heat retention and even heat distribution with our wedged ceramic plates. The extra-long crimping plates effortlessly style large sections of hair, ensuring quick texture and volume, resulting in a shiny, frizz-free look. Perfect for any occasion, indoors or out. These extra-long ceramic crimping plates deliver salon-quality results with ease, whether at home or outdoors. Ideal for all hair types.

2. Quick Heating Technology
Get styling instantly with no wait time. Start styling hair immediately for quick and efficient results. Perfect for busy lifestyles.

3. 360° Swivel Cord
Experience effortless styling from any angle with the Swivel cord, rotating 360° for ultimate flexibility. Prevents cord from twisting and tangling, ensuring seamless styling sessions every time.

4. Ergonomic Design
With its lightweight design, this product is the perfect travel companion. Hassle-free storage and minimal closet space usage make it convenient. Additionally, the crimper’s shape provides a comfortable grip for effortless styling.

5. Digital Temperature Display
The digital temperature display provides clear visibility of the set temperature, enhancing user convenience. With its wide display, monitoring the temperature is easier and more precise.

6. Max. Temp. 230°C
Offering a temperature range of 140°C to 230°C, this tool ensures effortless and comfortable styling. Adjust the temperature to your desired level for versatile textured looks tailored to your preferences.

7. Hand Lock Function
The plate-locking function, positioned between the plates and swivel cord, ensures secure storage, preserving the crimper's quality. Safely lock the plates for convenient storage, maintaining them for long-lasting use.

8. Rating: 110-240V, 50/60Hz, 70W