Naturica - Balancing Remedy Shampoo -250ml
Naturica - Balancing Remedy Shampoo -250ml

Naturica - Balancing Remedy Shampoo -250ml

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It regulates the production of sebum, purifying and rebalancing the scalp. Vitamin F and Panthenol penetrate the hair helping to make it light, soft and shiny.
Naturica Balancing Remedy Shampoo is enriched with color safe formula in order to preserve natural or artificial hair color.

Mild shampoo with a light texture that protects hair fibers, while gently cleansing.
It removes and regulates greasiness oily hair and scalp.

* Ingredients :- 

       * Sage:  Considered a “miracle” plant, it performs anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, anti-aging, calming, and toning actions

      * Nettle:  This simple herb is also a very strong medicinal plant used as a toner and astringent while preventing inflammation.

 * How to use :-  Apply on wet hair. Gently massage. Lather then rinse thoroughly.

    * Benefits :-  

  Gently removes excess of sebum
  Balances the normal physiology of the skin
  Makes hair soft and shiny
  Respects and gently washes the hair fiber